WELL Health launches OSCAR McMaster Professional Edition with McMaster University

Press Release | WELL Health | September 30, 2019
  • WELL Health is renaming KAI Innovations as WELL EMR Group and consolidating all of its OSCAR assets in this subsidiary to create one clear national brand
  • WELL EMR Group and the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine are pleased to introduce OSCAR McMaster Professional Edition as a national, enterprise grade EMR solution to serve clinicians and patients across the spectrum of health services
  • WELL EMR Group (formerly KAI Innovations) has certified OSCAR McMaster Professional Edition through OntarioMD's EMR Certification Program enabling the Company to become the standalone leader in the open-source EMR landscape

VANCOUVER, Sept. 30, 2019 /CNW/ - WELL Health Technologies Corp. (TSX.V: WELL) (the "Company" or "WELL"), a company focused on consolidating and modernizing clinical and digital assets within the primary healthcare sector, is pleased to announce the formation of WELL EMR Group. The WELL EMR Group will be the Company's single entity encompassing its EMR assets to offer physicians across the country one place to go for all of their EMR needs.

"One of the key missions we had when entering healthcare was to break down the siloed approach that has hindered the ability for care to be delivered efficiently," said Hamed Shahbazi, CEO of WELL Health. "By introducing a single nationwide group for our EMR initiatives, we want to elevate our efforts to drive enhanced innovation and security for doctors on our platform without the constraints of managing multiple regional brands, teams and code bases." The newly formed group will immediately include WELL's existing OSCAR assets of KAI Innovations, NerdEMR, OSCARprn, as well as any other acquisitions the Company closes, such as the recently announced proposed acquisition of OSCARwest. "Our focus with this approach will be to continue to consolidate and defragment healthcare IT challenges" said Mr. Shahbazi.

Hamed ShahbaziWELL is also very pleased to announce that its WELL EMR Group is collaborating with McMaster University's Department of Family Medicine to launch OSCAR McMaster Professional Edition. Building on McMaster's leadership and innovation that, with the OSCAR community, has made OSCAR a leading EMR brand in Canada, WELL EMR Group brings enhanced capacity for innovation, interoperability and enterprise scale. OSCAR McMaster Professional Edition brings these combined strengths together in one, national open-source EMR software that clinicians and patients can count on for the highest levels of security, ethical data stewardship, innovation and responsiveness. Its introduction marks the first step in the change in the OSCAR community's approach to certification in Ontario announced last week.

"Through this collaboration with the WELL EMR Group, we have the potential to realize an unprecedented level of integration, innovation and national impact through digital health," said Dr. David Price, Chair of McMaster's Department of Family Medicine. "We share WELL's commitment to enabling better health in collaboration with clinicians, patients, governments, academic institutions and industry. This is only the beginning of what we can do together, and it aligns perfectly with McMaster's vision for a brighter world."

Dr. David PriceOSCAR McMaster Professional Edition Version 1 has been certified by OntarioMD's EMR Certification Program. OntarioMD's EMR Certification ensures a minimum set of expectations are met and maintained as a prerequisite for EMR platforms to connect with Ontario's provincial digital health assets. This will also enable WELL to continue to work on key provincial initiatives and Proof of Concept projects with OntarioMD and its service delivery partners.

"It is a very exciting opportunity for all of us at WELL to play a role in the bigger picture of healthcare," said Arjun Kumar, CIO of WELL Health who leads WELL EMR Group. "Our key focus has always been to enable better patient outcomes, and innovation plays a key role in achieving this goal."


Per: "Hamed Shahbazi"
Hamed Shahbazi
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Director

About WELL

WELL is a unique company that operates Primary Healthcare Facilities as well as a significant EMR or Electronic Medical Records business that supports the digitization of such clinics. WELL currently owns and operates 19 primary health medical clinics and provides EMR software and service to approximately 856 medical clinics across Canada. WELL's overarching objective is to empower doctors to provide the best and most advanced care possible leveraging the latest trends in digital health. WELL is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol WELL.V. WELL was recognized as a TSX Venture 50 Company in 2018 and 2019.

About McMaster University and its Department of Family Medicine

McMaster University is committed to creating a brighter world through its teaching, research and community engagement that enhances societal health and well-being. Through its Department of Family Medicine, in collaboration with the OSCAR community, McMaster's leadership in OSCAR's continuing evolution is contributing to that brighter world as it enables improved health and health system outcomes at home and around the world.

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For further information: Pardeep S. Sangha, Vice President Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations, [email protected], www.WELL.company, 604-628-7266; Tracey Carr, Executive Director, McMaster University Department of Family Medicine, [email protected], www.fammedmcmater.ca, 905-929-2277

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