ZH Healthcare OpenEMR Announces New e-Prescription Subscription And Implementation Services For OpenEMR

Press Release | ZH Healthcare | March 28, 2013

ZH Healthcare OpenEMR e-Prescription Service Provides Patient Safety, Practice Efficiency, and Helps Meet Meaningful Use Core Requirement.

McLean, Virginia (PRWEB) March 28, 2013--ZH Healthcare recently announced a new service for their e-Prescription module for the community version of OpenEMR. The e-Prescription, or frequently referred to as eRx, module includes drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions and the ability to both print and transmit prescriptions electronically. Electronic prescription facilitates faster delivery of medicines, refills and removes errors thus making it extremely reliable and safe.

The ZH OpenEMR e-Prescription enables a medical practice to maintain better efficiency and patient satisfaction. The simplified workflow saves time and money, allows for integrated patient medication management, and increases patient safety by reducing errors and alerting the provider to potentially dangerous drug interactions. ZH OpenEMR e-Prescription meets the original OpenEMR Meaningful Use certification criteria for "additional required software.”

Patients also benefit from the use of an integrated eRx and will appreciate the time savings from electronic transmission of the script reducing the need for phone calls and prescription drop-off.

Shameem C. Hameed, Chairman of ZH Healthcare, states, “ZH Healthcare contributed significantly to the development of the NewCrop eRx feature in OpenEMR. We began to bundle e-Prescribing subscriptions into our hosted ZH OpenEMR packages in 2012. Since then, providers and practices have benefited from the integrated use of eRx information in the ZH OpenEMR solution.” Hameed further explains, “There was a large population who use the community version OpenEMR that needed this subscription service too. To respond to this need we now offer ZH Healthcare eRx Subscription and eRx Implementation Services.”

The new ZH Healthcare e-Rx offering is a low cost monthly subscription. It is complemented with a Setup and Training service for a one-time fee that includes installation, configuration, testing and training of staff to use and administer the ZH Healthcare eRX module.

About ZH Healthcare

ZH Healthcare provides innovative OpenEMR-based Electronic Medical Records Solutions and Revenue Cycle Management to healthcare providers who are seeking improved patient care through greater insight into treatment. ZH Healthcare’s OpenEMR creates fewer errors, more meaningful treatment plan coordination, and its affordable software solutions removes IT burden. With a team of over 75 information technology professionals, ZH Healthcare has made significant contributions to the OpenEMR software including revenue cycle management features to enhance productivity, patient portal to improve office and patient communication, eRx integration, lab integration, and a notes editor that has revolutionized how physicians chart their client visits.