White House Marks Digital Gov Strategy’s First Milestones

David Hubler | GCN | August 24, 2012

Federal agencies are making “great strides” toward meeting President Barack Obama’s May 23 directive, “Building a 21st Century Digital Government” during the next year, Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel said in marking the first quarterly anniversary of the initiative.

The comprehensive Digital Government Strategy lays out actions in a 12-month roadmap, which will be updated periodically to track progress in implementing the benchmarks.
Among the first benchmarks, the president directed all agencies to launch a page on their websites to publicly update their progress in meeting the requirements of the strategy in a machine-readable format. Agencies launched their digital strategy pages on Aug. 23, the three-month anniversary of the directive.

Consistent with two milestone actions, agencies have posted candidate data sets and services that will be available “anywhere, anytime, on any device.” They will continue to update their progress as they complete the strategy milestones, the White House website said.