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i2b2 Open Source Software Boosts HIE, Biomedical Research

Anthony Brino | Government Health IT | November 16, 2012

The health informatics software i2b2 — Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside — was started in 2006, and has become something of a building block for several health information networks and research projects in genomics, pharmaceuticals and population health. Read More »

IBM Embraces OpenStack For Cloud Offerings

Matthew Broersma | TechWeekEurope | March 5, 2013

At its Pulse conference in Las Vegas IBM announced it will shift all its future cloud products to code based on open standards and open source Read More »

iEHR Time Frame 'Optimistic And Uncertain'

David Perera | FierceGovernmentIT | September 30, 2012

The 4 to 6 years Veterans Affairs Department officials have projected as the time necessary to build out a nationwide integrated electronic health record with the Defense Department is "both optimistic and uncertain," the Government Accountability Office says iEHR officials told them. Read More »

IHE Standards Come Of Age In The Age Of Interoperability

Anthony Brino | Government Health IT | November 20, 2012

At the Radiological Society of North America’s annual conference this year, a real-world use case of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) medical image and personal health record standards is slated for demonstration. Read More »

Imaging And Radiology Paves The Way For Industry Adoption Of Open Source

Gorkem Sevinc | | February 24, 2014

Open source software in healthcare has been instrumental for sharing common tools and increasing adoption of emerging medical information technology (IT) standards. By leading the effort to digitize health data, imaging informatics has set the precedent for the adoption of the technology industry's best practices and subsequently open source software. Read More »

Imaging Informatics Solutions Provider ClearCanvas Debuts Vendor Neutral PACS Cleome

Press Release | ClearCanvas Inc. | September 10, 2013

ClearCanvas introduces its unique new vendor neutral PACS, Cleome, to its portfolio of commercial products. This web-based breakthrough solution features fast diagnostic viewing of all medical images using zero-footprint HTML5, anytime, anywhere. Read More »

Improving Patient Safety Is Key Priority For Digital Healthcare

Staff Writer | | August 26, 2013

One of the main problems with the UK's healthcare providers is the fragmented nature by which they share information. This often leaves patients feeling they have received impersonal care. Read More »

Inevitable. Inextricable. Imminent.

Bill Weinberg | Open Source Delivers | April 11, 2013

Greeting Netizens.  Since you are reading this blog, you obviously belong to the “Internet of Persons,” a growing global population of 2.5 billion of your fellow human beings.   But as sentient surfers, you are not alone... Read More »

Interoperability Issues Keep Clinicians From Sharing Health Info Electronically

Julie Bird | FierceHealthIT | October 3, 2012

Clinicians want to share health care information electronically, but are stymied by electronic health records that can't communicate with one another, a lack of information-exchange infrastructure, and the expense of setting up electronic interfaces and information exchanges, a new survey finds. Read More »

Interoperability? Not Without Standards

Chuck Parker | Gibson Consultants | June 1, 2013

We constantly hear that healthcare needs interoperability like the ATM or cell phone networks, but what does that really mean? Interoperability is becoming more important as we begin to implement systems in all of healthcare. The goal of the HITECH and ACA legislation was to increase the use of HIT throughout the modes of care. Once implemented, especially at scale, these systems need to easily talk or communicate with each other. Read More »

IOM: No More DoD-VA Integrated Medical Centers Until iEHR

David Perera | FierceGovernmentIT | October 16, 2012

Additional integrated health centers along the lines of the James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago, Ill., shouldn't be undertaken by the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs until they stand up an interoperable electronic health records system, says the Institute of Medicine. Read More »

JFrog And Black Duck Software Partner, Announce Integration Of Artifactory Pro And Black Duck Suite

Press Release | Black Duck Software, JFrog | April 3, 2013

Black Duck Software, the trusted partner for open source software adoption, management and governance, and JFrog, creator of the Artifactory Repository Management Solution, today announced a partnership under which JFrog Artifactory Pro is integrated with Black Duck Suite, providing unprecedented levels of control, efficiency and visibility throughout the development lifecycle when using open source components. Read More »

Join The Movement : Open Source Drug Discovery

Priyank Trivedi | CoolAge | December 25, 2012

OSDD or Open Source Drug Discovery is a community of students, scientists, researchers, academicians, institutions, corporations and anyone who is committed to discovery of drugs in an open source mode. [...] Read More »

Joint EHR Costs Skyrocketed To $28 Billion, DoD Says

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | July 11, 2013

Physicians spending a paltry twenty or thirty thousand dollars on their EHR implementations can take comfort in the fact that they don’t have to foot the bill for the recently abandoned joint VA-DoD EHR system, which would have cost the taxpayers $28 billion, according to Frank Kendall, undersecretary of Defense for acquisitions. Read More »

Kanteron And DigiPath Collaboration Expands Digital Pathology Into EHR & PACS Markets

Press Release | Kanteron Systems, DigiPath, Inc. | July 8, 2013

Kanteron Systems and DigiPath, Inc. (OTCQB and OTCBB: DIGP) today announce they have entered in a Joint Selling & Marketing Agreement to shared resources and implement a fully integrated digital pathology & radiology solution. Read More »