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Is all the MU data “meaningful”?

Jeff Rowe | HITECHWatch | August 30, 2011

We interrupt these dog days of summer for a bit of a doctors’ food fight. At issue is what this doctor refers to as the “meaningless data” required under the Meaningful Use regulations. Not bashful about throwing the first piece of pie, she begins by announcing that “Race is a medically meaningless concept.” Read More »

J P Systems Expands Clinical Data Quality and Interoperability Improvement Services

Press Release | J P Systems, Inc. | December 11, 2018

Doctors are increasingly demanding more context to frame the clinical data they see in EHRs. This context must come from having more complete patient records. When multiple external providers are involved in patient care, data often arrives in the form of clinical documents called CDAs (Clinical Document Architecture). Typically, much of the data in these CDA files is miscoded, misplaced or missing. The danger of bad data is a clear risk to hospitals. These CDA files are generated automatically and in many cases no one is looking at the contents. J P Systems can help reduce risk by increasing the data quality in CDAs exported by the hospital's EHR system.

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