Ben Bauman

As Co-Founder of OpenClinica, LLC, Ben Baumann works to bring the benefits of open source software to accelerate clinical research. Ben began his career as a technology entrepreneur in 2000, when Co-founded Isovera, Inc., a consulting firm that provides support and services around the open source platform Drupal. In 2005, as the CEO of Isovera, Ben led the decision to productize the firm’s experience stemming from an engagement with Massachusetts General Hospital in which the company developed a web-based data capture and data management application for psychiatric clinical trials. This effort led to what is today OpenClinica.
Ben was instrumental in securing capital to fund early OpenClinica development, from both the National Institutes of Health, as well as additional private sources. Ben transitioned to a full time role with OpenClinica in 2012 to help the company develop and scale high quality commercial services around the rapidly growing adoption of the OpenClinica open source technology. Today, Ben leads OpenClinica’s client services team and plays an instrumental role in strategy and business development.

Ben was a founding board member of Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurs within the greater Harvard community. He holds a degree in economics from Harvard College. Ben enjoys outdoors sports (windsurfing, fishing), food and wine, and gardening.