Bill Hennessey, MD

Founder and CEO of Pratter, Inc. ( a medical cost savings and transparency company sold as an employee benefit with per employee per month pricing. Our Pratter solution includes engaging/re-directing consumers to low cost providers in network including:

1) search and save,
2) cost concierge,
3) Pratter savings cards and,
4) financial incentives for low or no deductible clients.

Our medical cost savings analyses of your de-identified medical claims data focuses on fixed commodity market outpatient care and permits you to manage what we measure. These reports satisfy ERISA fiduciary responsibility to review, analyze and implement when it comes to claims and medical cost savings and benefits that need to be managed.

Pratter does not interfere with your primary care physician relationship, emergency care, cancer care, cardiothoracic surgery or neurosurgery. We save employers and employees money by reducing in network pricing for routine outpatient commodity care with little or no quality variation, including blood work, imaging and elective procedures.