Shastri Purushotma

Shastri Purushotma is the Chief Content Officer at Bitscopic, a pioneering company in applying Artificial Intelligence to Medicine, as well as Chief Content Officer at B2B Buyer Insights, a research firm that is currently interviewing leaders in Finance on the Future of the Digital Economy. Shastri writes about the Future of Medicine and the Future of the Digital Economy.

While the Future of Medicine and the Future of the Digital Economy may seem like two very different fields, the overlap between the two is profound and deep. Did you know, for example, that the average American is losing approximately $17,000 per year just waking up each day in a banking and payments system that was architected for the 1970s and hasn't been updated? What would you do with an extra $17,000 in your pocket?

Then how does one even begin to describe how much the average American is losing on a healthcare system that is the most expensive in the world per capita and yet doesn't deliver any better results than other Western countries.

But there is hope. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain have the potential to profoundly transform these industries and give control back to consumers, who will increasingly become prosumers able to contribute more value and improve these systems overall.

Prior to these latest two ventures, Shastri's career has spanned technology entrepreneurship, human rights and diplomatic relations. He was a member of the founding team of Responsys (acquired by Oracle in 2014 for $1.6 billion) and has defended prisoners of conscience who faced the death penalty in the Middle East. He is a global citizen having also lived for many years in Singapore, Australia and Israel, and travelled in over forty countries.

Shastri may be reached through LinkedIn and Twitter.