MapR is a San Jose, California-based enterprise software company that develops and sells Apache Hadoop-derived software and services. MapR Technologies offers three versions of its groundbreaking unified Big Data platform for Hadoop: M3, M5 and M7 Editions.

  • The M3 Edition is free and available for unlimited production use. Support is provided on a community basis and through MapR's Forums.
  • The M5 Edition is an enterprise-grade platform for Hadoop which includes features such as Mirroring, Snapshots, NFS HA, data placement control, and many more. The M5 Edition also offers full support, on-demand patches and online incident submission.
  • The M7 Edition is an enterprise-grade platform for NoSQL and Hadoop, providing unique ease of use, dependability and performance advantages. M7 not only delivers enterprise-grade features such as Instant Recovery, Snapshots and Mirroring but also provides scale, strong consistency, reliability and continuous low latency.

A growing number of today’s healthcare companies are using Hadoop to build healthcare platforms that can store and analyze large data sets, consisting of billions of objects. Organizations also need to be able to search and analyze disparate data sources such as patient populations, treatment protocols, and clinical outcomes to accelerate discovery and insight using tools like MapR.