Open Source Health gains access to over 300,000 Medical Providers in the United States

Press Release | Open Source Health, The DocGraph Journal | January 12, 2015

Toronto, Ontario, Canada / TNW-ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2014: Open Source Health Inc. (CSE:OSH), (Frankfurt:0OS), a cloud based integrative healthcare platform that puts control into the hands of women to educate, advocate and collaborate on their own healthcare is pleased to announce its partnership with The DocGraph Journal DocGraphan open source big data project that has identified all medical providers in the USA. 

“The partnership with DocGraph and their big data model will allow us to specifically identify the medical providers that take an integrative and preventive approach to health.” states Sonya Satveit, Founder and CEO of Open Source Health Inc. “As we are getting set to launch the integrative healthcare platform for women in the USA, we will have detailed information on the providers that are most qualified to offer their services to the women subscribers, this dramatically reduces marketing costs and time.”

The DocGraph Journal was founded by Fred Trotter, the Chief Operating Officer of Open Source Health Inc., as an open data project providing continually updated information on every medical provider in the USA.  The constant updates include prescribing patterns, diagnosis and procedure preferences as well as collaboration data.  From this data Open Source Health can determine who is practicing integrative medicine and who best fits the profile to be a provider on the OSH platform in the USA.

“DocGraph is an important piece of work using big data to unlock how the healthcare industry in the USA functions” stated Fred Trotter, Founder and Chief Data Scientist of The DocGraph Journal. “Open Source Health partners with healthcare providers to offer a premium and comprehensive approach to women’s health. Not every provider of women’s health in the United States takes this approach so leveraging the DocGraph’s data analysis capacity allows us to focus our partnering opportunities”.

About The DocGraph Journal (

The DocGraph Journal is a data set comprised of more than fifty million connections that shows how healthcare providers team to provide care. DocGraph is one of the largest publicly available graph data sets using real names and real relationships. It is also one of the first Crowdfunded Open Data Sets, and holds the crowdfunding record on the MedStartr crowdfunding platform.

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Open Source Health takes a truly patient-centered approach and is in the business of providing a real-time integrative healthcare solution for women in an open source architecture. Open Source Health Inc. is set to lead the current healthcare revolution by leveraging the latest trends in digital health, personalized health, social health, and participatory medicine.

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