Sana is a standard-focused open source system that supports audio, images, location-based data, text, and video. The complete Sana system consists of at least one phone and a web-connected server. The server runs the medical records system of choice, such as OpenMRS, and the Sana Dispatch Server program. It is available under the BSD license.

Sana recognizes that using mobile technologies for telehealth in developing nations requires dealing with many standards, different networks and local challenges ranging from intermittent connectivity and cultural differences. The system provides an instant end-to-end infrastructure for media-centric remote decision support by experts . Packetization, a synchronization model, and multi-modal data transport allow Sana to operate even in poor cellular coverage areas. While the system is mobile-centric, it is designed to provide alternatives such as WiFi and tethered uploads for bandwidth-constrained situations.