Socratic Grid

Socratic Grid is an early-stage, 'open sourced' Clinical Decision Support platform for healthcare. It provides tools for modeling the semantics and structure of clinical and administrative data, for real-time analysis using a variety of inferencing technologies, and for delivering actionable results using highly optimized automated workflows. These capabilities are intended to facilitate advanced, knowledge-driven functionality supporting patients, providers and organizations in their collaborative effort to achieve and sustain health.

Socratic Grid extends the underlying production business rule engine with additional reasoning functionality to include predictive analytics and optimization capabilities.  Health care providers can use the Resource Capacity Simulator to estimate demand and optimize the resources (staff, rooms, equipment, and so on) needed to care for their patients. Such optimization increases capacity and improves access to care. They can leverage embedded predictive models to estimate an individual's relative risk for a given disease, thereby ensuring anticipatory education and prevention. Finally, they can utilize a new diagnostic guide capability to develop cost effective and medically-efficient diagnostic workup.