RFI & RFP to be issued for VA/DoD iEHR software modules

Stephen Hufnagel | OEHRA News | June 4, 2012

CALL FOR INTEREST & PARTICIPATION: The VA/DoD Integrated Elctronic Health Rcord ( iEHR) program will be issuing Requests for Information (RFIs) in June on Laboratory, Pharmacy and Immunization. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will be issues around labor day. Immunization Management seems to be a perfect opportunity for the Open Source Community, including interested VA developers, to come together with repurposed VistA, CHCS and other Open Source alternatives to a purely commercial solution to iEHR capabilities/ applications.

If there are open source alternatives to laboratory and pharmacy, we can also pursue open source alternatives to ancillary services. This is an opportunity for the Open Source community to take action and make Open Source VistA relevant to the iEHR way ahead. OSEHRA, as a non-profit organization and cannot respond/bid on government contracts; but, the open source community can. As information becomes available I will bring it to you through the OSEHRA Architecture Work Group (AWG).

I would like to identify interested Open Source companies or individuals interested in responding to the RFIs and RFPs and possibly set up a consortium or strategic partnership among the “coalition of the willing”. There are approximately 56 iEHR capabilities, which will go through the RFI and RFP process and I want to insure that the open source community has an opportunity to participate! We will also start discussing this as part of the OSEHRA AWG weekly calls

If you are interested in responding to the iEHR RFIs and RFPs as individuals or organizations, please contact me via email or call 703-575-7912-cell.  More informaton is available on the OSEHRA web site.

Open Health News' Take: 

For more background information, you might want to see the collection of news clips and articles about iEHR posted on the Open Health News (OHN) web site at http://openhealthnews.com/search/node/iehr  --  Peter Groen, Senior Editor, Open Health News.