8 Benefits Of Agile Software Development

Adam Zolyak | Segue Technologies | April 12, 2013

In my previous post, What Is Agile Software Development?, I discussed a number of benefits to using an agile process to manage software development projects. In this post, I’d like to expand upon these benefits and illustrate why they are compelling reasons to consider Agile. These benefits include:

1. Stakeholder Engagement

As discussed in my previous post, Agile provides multiple opportunities for stakeholder and team engagement – before, during, and after each short time-boxed sprint.  By involving the client in every step of the project, there is a high degree of collaboration between the client and project team, providing more opportunities for the team to truly understand the client’s vision. Also, by delivering working software early and frequently using fixed-duration time boxes, stakeholder engagement is increased by the motivation of seeing a working product. Stakeholders gain trust in the team’s ability to deliver high-quality working software when they have the opportunity to see tangible results.