7 billion Reasons Apple Gets Health

Johnny Evans | Computerworld | February 11, 2014

The personal medical devices gold rush has begun. Apple is investing heavily to deliver solutions for the sector, recruiting expert health technologists to help product development. Why?

We need them too

At its simplest the global population is growing and life expectancy generally increasing. This strains global medical resources even while the sad truth is that we're not training enough doctors to meet the growing need. A trend to intelligent connected medical systems may boost…


Government think tanks worldwide have identified that on a dollar-for-dollar basis, prevention beats cure. Prevention isn't just about fostering healthy habits, it's about enabling people to monitor their own conditions. It's also a pretty good idea for health monitoring to be consistent, as it helps enable early identification of illness symptoms -- it's cheaper and more effective to treat a problem early rather than let it develop into a full-blown condition. There's a…