Foxconn Constructs HTML5 Smart Cross-Platform Integrating Support For Eight Screens, Internet And Cloud

Staff Writer | DigiTimes | February 21, 2014

The prospects of smart applications, which are needed to serve the purposes of cloud-based networks of sensing devices, IoT (Internet of Things) and terminal devices, have triggered strong interests in Big Data and inspired imaginations of next-generation cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. The Foxconn Group has teamed up with US-based Mozilla to build cross-platform smart applications using HTML5 Web-based Firefox OS. The smart applications allow clients to build highly optimized devices integrating support for eight screens, the Internet and the cloud.

"Embedded sensing and IoT smart devices, plus HTML5 cross-platform Web-based OS technology, help industry players optimize hardware and software resources for integrated applications," said Foxconn iDSBG (Innovation Digital System Business Group) senior director William Liang at the Embedded Technologies and Applications Forum that took place in Taipei on January 22, 2014.

Embedded smart systems and high-speed wireless networks bring about innovative applications

Smart devices are made up of embedded systems in combination with sensors and Internet-based communication capability, Liang indicated. Smart applications cover three main areas. (1) IoT and sensing devices that cover physiological sensing, smart home, surveillance, automotive electronics, transportation, smart grids and atmospheric detection. (2) Smart terminal devices that provide information, daily-life assistance, home care, smart assistance, interactive operation, decision-making management and dashboard applications. (3) Cloud computing: Big Data collecting and intelligent analysis. IoT, the Internet and high-speed wireless networks are the backbone of daily smart applications, and 4G LTE is crucial to further development of such smart applications.