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Leveraging The S&I Framework To Improve Collaborative Care

Viet Nguyen | Government HealthIT | April 14, 2014

With the concept of collaborative care now at the forefront of the healthcare industry, organizations are working to improve the functionality and interoperability of health IT systems. To facilitate the meaningful exchange of clinical and financial information, however, it is essential for various technologies within and among organizations to effectively communicate.

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Twine Health Found a Niche for a Software in Health Care

Andy Oram | EMR & EHR | April 1, 2016

Apps and software services for health care are proliferating–challenges and hackathons come up with great ideas week after week, and the app store contains hundreds of thousands of apps. The hard thing is creating a business model that sustains a good idea. To this end, health care incubators bring in clinicians to advise software developers. Numerous schemes of questionable ethics abound among apps (such as collecting data on users and their contacts). In this article, I’ll track how Twine Health tried different business models and settled on the one that is producing impressive growth for them today.

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