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Docs split over making Medicare data public

Diana Manos | Healthcare IT News | August 30, 2013

A new poll conducted by the American College of Physician Executives has found that doctors are almost evenly divided on whether or not Medicare payment data should be made public. Read More »

Health Insurance Marketplace Plans Vary Widely in Price

Jordan Rau & Julie Appleby | Government Technology | October 7, 2013

Consumers shopping in the new health insurance marketplaces will face a bewildering array of competing plans in some counties and sparse options in other places, with people in some areas of the country having to pay much more for the identical level of coverage than consumers elsewhere. Read More »

Healthcare Price Transparency: Why It's an Issue

Bob Herman | Beckers Hospital Review | April 26, 2013

Healthcare prices have been an enigma within the U.S. healthcare system, especially in light of this year's TIME exposé on why healthcare and hospital services cost so much. Simply put: More patients are starting to question why their healthcare bills are so high — and why they can't find healthcare prices at all. Read More »

How Much Will That Heart Test Cost? Many Hospitals Won't Tell You

Rachael Rettner | Huffington Post | December 2, 2013

Patients often have a hard time finding out exactly what their medical care will cost them, and a new study finds that hospitals often are not able to provide price information for even simple procedures. Read More »

No, Microsoft, open source software really is cheaper, insists Munich

Nick Heath | ZDNet | February 7, 2013

Which is cheaper - using open source or Microsoft's software? The software giant and the city of Munich have come up with very different answers.  The city of Munich has hit back at Microsoft in a row over whether the city's plan to use open-source software is cheaper than using Microsoft's products. Read More »