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Three Companies Using VR to Change the Future of Healthcare

Tonie Hansen | NVIDIA Blog | July 8, 2016

From pacemakers to Fitbits, digital technology plays a vital role in keeping people healthy. Now, some innovative companies are going beyond devices and gadgets by applying VR to expand the capabilities of the medical field. The same GPU technology used by game developers to animate lifelike VR versions of Mount Everest and Mars is being deployed to improve surgical training, more accurately diagnose disease and offer patients new avenues to pain relief. Here are three companies paving the way for VR in medicine using NVIDIA GPUs...

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Using Blender to Prepare for Orthopedic Surgeries

The planning of orthopedic surgeries is a difficult process. In a lot of ways, it's like working while wearing a blindfold; a surgeon can't see the bone that needs to be worked on until during the actual surgery, when time is most critical. Even with X-rays and CT scans, the raw data can be difficult to interpret correctly. Fortunately, open source software can (and does!) help reduce the guesswork. At the 2015 Blender Conference, Vasily Shishkin gave a very interesting talk on his research project and use of Blender and 3D printing in the planning and guiding of orthopedic surgery...You may find yourself thinking, "Wait a minute. Blender? The same Blender that's used for making pretty images and animations? That Blender?" Yes. That Blender...

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