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Can Slow-Moving Universities Adapt Quickly Enough To Teach In The Digital Age?

Gary Kebbel | | August 28, 2013

The start of classes this fall will also bring renewed debate about what journalism and mass communications colleges should teach in an age of disruption. Professors are trying to figure out how we should be preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet. Or for jobs that will exist in two years, but won’t in four. Read More »

Open Source Training Makes Labs Safer For All

Nathan Watson | Occupational Health & Safety | October 12, 2012

BioRAFT has teamed with NH-INBRE and Dartmouth EHS to create an open source-style lab safety training program. This model can and should be replicated to start solving this industry-wide challenge. Read More »

Opening Up To Open Source Author’s Book Sheds Light On Coding, Cost Advantages To Help School Curriculums

Laurenne Ramsdell | | March 3, 2014

A local man has made it his mission to spread the word about open source software, hoping that school districts will take advantage of more affordable options to incorporate technology into classroom curriculums. Read More »