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Open Source as Sustainable Digital Infrastructure - OpenForum Europe

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November 21, 2022 (All day)

OpenForum Europe (OFE), together with the Swedish Public Sector Network Open Source and Data, are organizing a track on Cybersecurity, sustainability and Digital Sovereignty as part of the Internet Days in Stockholm, Sweden. Open source software is a critical and extensive part of our common digital infrastructure. It presents both opportunities and risks. Opportunities such as enhanced interoperability of infrastructure and services within and across borders, as well as reducing dependencies and lock-in to individual vendors and system solutions. The risks stem from sustainability issues and include the fact that many open source applications are maintained by volunteers and there is a general under-investment in maintenance.

This in a rapidly changing geopolitical and digital environment, where vulnerabilities, introduced knowingly or unknowingly, are increasingly at risk of being exploited by malicious third parties with potentially major consequences. As the public sector intends to reuse more of each other’s digital infrastructure, there is a growing need to ensure that what we do is secure. Therefore, this thematic track aims to show the extent of open source software in our own and shared digital infrastructure, and its importance for our digital sovereignty and cybersecurity.

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