Debbie Stabenow

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More Hunger For The Poorest Americans

Staff Writer | New York Times | December 24, 2013

This is a harsh season for Americans struggling to afford food. Last month, the long lines at food pantries across the country grew longer with the expiration of the boost to food stamp benefit levels included in the 2009 economic stimulus plan. Those lines are apt to grow even longer thanks to the refusal of House Republicans to renew extended unemployment benefits as part of the recent budget deal. Read More »

Semiconductor Chip Shortage --- Or Just Bad Risk Management?

Having a single supplier dependence on a major supply chain item constitutes a basic failure of risk management in today's operating reality. And this lack of foresight can't even be attributed to the "unforeseeable" fallout from the pandemic. The semiconductor industry has always whipsawed between oversupply and undersupply and riding out these curves is a standard part of everyday planning for anyone with significant dependence. Do your job…be resilient. Or learn to accept the consequences of not being prepared and putting investors, reputation, shareholders, and consumers at risk.

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