electronic submission of medical documentation (esMD)

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Halamka's Report on the June 2015 HIT Standards Committee

The June 2015 HIT Standards Committee focused on celebrating the accomplishments of those individuals who have reached their federal advisory committee term limits.  Most served 6 years...Karen DeSalvo thanked each one and I offered comments about their unique contributions, changing the fundamental trajectory of standards in the US from a 1990’s “EDI” payload model to a 2015 “Facebook” Application Program Interface model.   Their leadership has brought modern, open web standards to the healthcare domain, specified controlled vocabularies, and established appropriate security. They will be missed.

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Leveraging The S&I Framework To Improve Collaborative Care

Viet Nguyen | Government HealthIT | April 14, 2014

With the concept of collaborative care now at the forefront of the healthcare industry, organizations are working to improve the functionality and interoperability of health IT systems. To facilitate the meaningful exchange of clinical and financial information, however, it is essential for various technologies within and among organizations to effectively communicate.

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