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AEGIS Announces Touchstone for HL7 FHIR Interoperability Testing

Press Release | AEGIS.net | November 12, 2015

AEGIS.net, Inc. (AEGIS)...introduces the Touchstone Project - a next generation cloud-based Testing Platform which applies Conformance and Interoperability testing in a Test-Driven-Development (TDD) integrated ecosystem.  As organizations new to the Health Level Seven® (HL7®) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) specification begin to explore and evaluate this new HL7® standard and start projects with a goal of being an early adopter, AEGIS' Touchstone Test Platform will guide those implementations towards a high degree of conformance and interoperability in a continuous model.

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Beyond HIT Interoperability: Open Platforms are the Key

Open platforms in health IT are inevitable. Exactly when OPEN becomes health IT’s de facto reality is impossible to determine. But we can be certain that it will happen because healthcare businesses focused on quality improvement and cost-effective care will demand it Read More »

Cool Technology Of The Week

John Halamka | Life As A Healthcare CIO | November 9, 2012

While I was at AMIA this week, Will Ross of Redwood MedNet, introduced me to a low cost interoperability solution for small practices in rural locations.   It's similar in concept to the interoperability appliances that Massachusetts has used in its HIE.  Will calls his appliance the
"HIE Plug". Read More »

Integrating Mirth with Tolven

D.J. Jacob | Roberts-Hoffman Blog | March 17, 2014

Roberts-Hoffman Software integrated Mirth Connect with Tolven as part of our inpatient EHR.  We use Mirth to handle our bidirectional HL7 feeds, managing messaging between live hospital information, lab, and radiology systems.

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Mirth Connect Earns 2014 ONC HIT Certification

Press Release | Quality Systems, Inc., CCHIT | May 19, 2014

Ambulatory Technology compliant with the ONC 2014 Edition Criteria and Certified as an EHR Module Read More »

Quality Systems Inc. releases Mirth Connect 3.0 Open Source Healthcare Integration Engine

Press Release | Quality Systems | October 9, 2013

Quality Systems, Inc...announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Mirth, a global leader in health information technology that helps clients achieve interoperability, released Mirth® Connect 3.0. Mirth Connect is an open source healthcare integration engine, specifically designed for HL7 message integration... Read More »

Redwood MedNet's HIE Plug: Low Cost Interoperability Solution For Small, Rural Practices

Sue Dormanen | CCI Voice | November 12, 2012

The latest Life as a CIO Blog by John D. Halamka features Will Ross of Redwood MedNet and the "HIE Plug" -- a low cost interoperability solution for small practices in rural locations. Read More »

Using Mirth Connect For Healthcare Data & System Integration

Jim Gilbert | Santa Rosa Consulting | January 14, 2011

Mirth Connect does some amazing things with XML. The Community behind Mirth Connect is worldwide and they are always willing to provide assistance and improve the product. Bugs that are found by the Community are quickly fixed and integrated into the new version. There are no fees for Mirth Connect and the intuitive creation tools even the recommended database and database tools being all open source, this contributes to the popularity of the product and the thousands of product sites up and running. Read More »

Mirth Connect 3.0 Beta Webinar & Demo

January 12, 2013 (All day) - March 31, 2013 (All day)
Mirth Corporation

This video webinar demonstrates some of the new features in Mirth Connect 3.0. The webinar and demo is performed using Mirth Connect 3.0 Beta 1. To try out a preview version of Mirth Connect 3.0, you can download the beta release from the downloads section of the Mirth website.