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British Can Learn from VA on Telehealth

Joseph Conn | Modern Healthcare | January 19, 2012

A report by a London-based, physician-led think tank concludes that the British National Health Service would do well to emulate the telehealth services developed by the Veterans Health Administration, the healthcare operation of the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department.

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Hack the Programme

Staff Writer | EHealth Insider | May 28, 2012

The geeks shall inherit the world of NHS IT. Or that was the hope of NHS Hack Day 2012. Chris Thorne spent a day with the coders, and found that even the 'old guard' and 'big wigs' were having fun. Read More »

Handover System Wins NHS Hack Day

Chris Thorne | EHealth Insider | May 28, 2012

The NHS Hack Day 2012 was won by a group of clinicians and developers who produced an electronic patient task-list for doctors in just 24 hours. Read More »

Interview: Lynne Maher

Mark Say | The Guardian | September 8, 2011

Lynne Maher can see the NHS entering a new phase in its development of IT. Read More »

Looking for geeks who love the NHS

Dick Vinegar | The Guardian | June 6, 2012

The NHS Hack Day was a eureka moment in the history of IT in the NHS. I am delighted that follow-up hack days will happen in Liverpool and Oxford. I am delighted that the establishment types on the judging panel have seen the light. They will ensure that the hack day will not just become another NHS pilot, which will fade away and be forgotten. Read More »

NHS Hack Day brings open source to UK Health Service

DJ Walker-Morgan | The H (h-online.com) | May 31, 2012

The first NHS Hack Day has highlighted applications which could help the UK's National Health Service provide better, more customisable services for people. The event was won by a group who developed an electronic patient task list for doctors... Read More »

Open source patient task list wins UK Health service hackathon

Gijs Hillenius | European Commission Joinup | May 30, 2012

Patient List, a software application making it easier for doctors to hand over patients, has won the NHS Hack Day 2012 which took place in London last weekend. The application is made available as open source. Read More »

Patient List to Launch Open Source App

Chris Thorne | EHealth Insider | July 30, 2012

Patient List, the winners of the first NHS Hack Day, are set to release their open source software app next month, arguing that it has the potential to save the NHS £3m per year. Read More »

Some U.K. Health Experts Eye U.S. Veterans Affairs IT System

Joseph Conn | Modern Healthcare | January 5, 2012

Chris [Richardson] spoke of a grass-roots movement in England to try and persuade the folks running one or more of the 60 or so regional health “trusts” administering National Health Service programs there to give VistA a try....

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Tamiflu Maker Accused of Secrecy Over Trial Data

Oliver Wright, Melanie Newman | The Independent | January 17, 2012

The drug is a household name with millions of doses stockpiled against the threat of a potential flu pandemic and talked about alongside aspirin and penicillin as a wonder drug.
But now scientists are set to raise serious questions about the effectiveness of Tamiflu, its side-effects and the opaque way drugs get approved for widespread use on the NHS. Read More »

US hospital takes legal action against Cerner - why it matters to the NHS

Tony Collins | Computerworld UK | June 29, 2012

Small Kansas hospital in legal action against e-patient record supplier Cerner. The Girard Medical Center’s story illustrates "the risks for organizations of all kinds when they attempt to innovate by bringing in new, and unfamiliar, technologies and vendors." Read More »

Where ‘Socialized Medicine’ Has a U.S. Foothold

Uwe E. Reinhardt | New York Times | August 3, 2012

Remarkably, Americans of all political stripes have long reserved for our veterans the purest form of socialized medicine, the vast health system operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (generally known as the V.A. health system). If socialized medicine is as bad as so many on this side of the Atlantic claim, why have both political parties ruling this land deemed socialized medicine the best health system for military veterans? Or do they just not care about them?”

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While Unions Whine About Pensions and Change, the USA Shows How Modern Healthcare Should Be Done [UK]

Julie Manning | Daily Mail | January 19, 2012

The expert health and technology think tank 2020health has analysed the experience of the VHA and today publishes its report on Telehealth: What can the NHS learn from experience at the US Veterans Health Administration? to coincide with this government's launch in Parliament at lunchtime of it's own '3 million lives' Telehealth strategy.

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Sharing international experience: Is implementing the VA's electronic health record system an option for the NHS?

Event Details
July 5, 2012 - 2:15pm - 4:30pm
Nuffield Trust
59 New Cavendish Street
United Kingdom

This roundtable will focus on sharing international experiences of using the VistA system and considering whether or not VistA might be an effective option for the NHS. At the seminar delegates will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase their understanding of VistA and its potential challenges and benefits;
  • Learn from international experience of implementing VistA, including a case study from Jordan;
  • Consider whether they think it is feasible and/ or desirable to encourage the use of VistA in the NHS.