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Australia to follow New Zealand's lead on changes to software patent laws

The movement to pass new laws doing away with software patents continues to pick up steam. Following on the heels of action by the government of New Zealand to abolish software patents, the Open Source Industry Australia (OSIA) is urging the Australian government to do the same. In addition to New Zealand's recent ban on software patents, the European Union (EU) has been debating similar moves for more than a decade. Brazil, Russia, India and China are also beginning to get on board with the idea. Read More »

OSIA backs an end to software patents

Nermin Bajric | ARN | October 14, 2013

The Open Source Industry Australia (OSIA) has lodged a submission with the Australian Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP) urging the abolition of Innovation Patents and the exclusion of computer software from patentability altogether.

...According to OSIA chairman, Jack Burton, there is a strong grassroots movement pushing to disallow software patents. Read More »