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CA Hospital Adds CPOE To VistA Implementation

Anne Zieger | Hospital EMR & EHR | July 1, 2013

It’s still rare these days to see a private hospital roll out open source EMR VistA, despite VistA’s excellent reputation. But one such hospital has not only implemented VistA, it’s added CPOE to its VistA rollout. Read More »

Computer Woes Hit Banner Hospital System

Ken Alltucker | USA Today | February 20, 2014

Banner Health grappled with a widespread computer outage Wednesday as hospitals and doctors resorted to backup paper systems to provide care for patients. Read More »

Department Of Veterans Affairs: "They Are Rearranging The Deck Chairs On A Sinking Ship"

James Dao | The Legal Examiner | September 27, 2012

Veterans Wait for Benefits as Claims Pile Up
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Digital Health Records’ Risks Emerge As Deaths Blamed On Systems

Jordan Robertson | Bloomberg | June 25, 2013

When Scot Silverstein’s 84-year-old mother, Betty, starting mixing up her words, he worried she was having a stroke. So he rushed her to Abington Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania... Read More »

Docs Favor Paper Over Portals, Study Shows

Erin McCann | Government Health IT | October 25, 2013

Patient portals will become a big part of the requirements doctors must fulfill for Stage 2 meaningful use in the HER incentive program. And that means, doctors have a long way to go to get there, because the vast majority still like communicating the old-fashioned way. Read More »

Electronic Record Keeping A Change That Has Some Doctors Cringing

Kristi L. Nelson | | June 2, 2013

For more than 40 years, paper records have worked just fine for Dr. Bob Proffitt and his patients... Read More »

Four Years Later: The Impact Of The HITECH Act On EHR Implementations

David Fried | The Profitable Practice | May 21, 2013

Since 2009, Software Advice has gathered data on tens of thousands of practices looking to purchase medical software. We’ve tapped into that data to determine [the following]: Read More »

Guatemala Adopts iHRIS To Manage Health Workforce

Devika Chawla | CapacityPlus | June 6, 2013

Guatemala is the newest country to adopt the open source iHRIS software for tracking, managing, and planning the health workforce. At least 14 other countries are actively using the software. Read More »

Ibáñez Talks about Open Health and VistA at All Things Open Conference

Luis Ibáñez...was up next to talk to us about Open Source in Healthcare. Luis’s story was so interesting – I hope I caught all the numbers he shared – but the moral of the story is that hospitals could save insane amounts of money if they switched to an open system.

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Is Your Hybrid EHR-Paper Workflow Putting Patients At Risk?

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | June 25, 2013

Even the most die-hard EHR advocate knows that paper isn’t disappearing completely from the office any time soon.  With plenty of providers still entirely entrenched in pen and prescription pad, there will still be referrals, orders, faxes, and copies to deal with for years to come, no matter how high on the health IT ladder you climb... Read More »

Marin General Hospital Nurses Warn That New Computer System Is Causing Errors, Call For Time Out

Staff Writer | Health Care Renewal | May 17, 2013

Of course, the ever-present euphemism for life-threatening EHR malfunctions and defects, i.e., "glitches" are the cause... Read More »

Navy To VA: We Printed Out Health Records And Mailed Them

Bob Brewin | Nextgov | December 19, 2013

Decades after the Pentagon and Veterans Affairs Department developed separate electronic health records for military personnel and veterans, here’s how the Navy transfers potentially millions of pages of sailors’ and Marines’ medical files to VA: It prints them out on paper and mails them via the U.S. Postal Service, Nextgov has learned. Read More »

On EHR Data Integrity: A Patient's Perspective

Deborah Kohn | Government Health IT | May 14, 2013

Now that portions of patient EHRs and visit summaries are available via portals and meaningful use requirements, not only will the organizations’ internal users be complaining about system flaws, poor configurations or outstanding training issues — but so will the external users, the patients and recipients of the health information. Read More »

OpenFDA Backstory: Breaking The Paperwork Backlog

David F. Carr | InformationWeek Government | June 5, 2014

The startup Captricity uses a combination of crowdsourcing and OCR to digitize mountains of paper records, particularly for government agencies and healthcare. Read More »

Researchers: Health IT Creates Its Own 'Reality'

Susan D. Hall | FierceHealthIT | June 27, 2013

Electronic records create a third "reality" in healthcare--one beyond the patient's physical reality and the clinician's understanding of the issues and treatment--and yet another way to miscommunicate, according to a new study. Read More »