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Open Source's Fortunes In Poland Could Be About To Change, Thanks To Education

Michiel van Blommestein | ZDNet | December 12, 2012

Open source has had a mixed reception in Poland's public sector, with some government agencies actively blocking efforts to increase uptake of the software. But the situation could be set for a reversal, after changes in the education sector. Read More »

Paralyzed Man Darek Fidyka Walks Again After Pioneering Surgery

Ben Quinn | The Guardian | October 14, 2014

Medical team regrow cells of patient’s severed spine in breakthrough that offers hope to millions with disability. A man who was completely paralysed from the waist down can walk again after a British-funded surgical breakthrough which offers hope to millions of people who are disabled by spinal cord injuries. Polish surgeons used nerve-supporting cells from the nose of Darek Fidyka, a Bulgarian man who was injured four years ago, to provide pathways along which the broken tissue was able to grow...

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Polish NGO To Obama: Mass Surveillance Is Not Freedom

Katitza Rodriguez | Electronic Frontier Foundation | June 3, 2014

...Since October 2013, the Panoptykon Foundation, a Polish NGO, has tried to understand the relationship between the Polish and United States’ secret service organizations. Panoptykon believes that the Polish government, by accepting mass and pre-emptive surveillance, is reverting back to the much contested practices of the former, authoritarian regime—practices that triggered the revolution 25 years ago...

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The Happiest Countries In The World

Alexander E.M. Hess, Thomas C. Frohlich and Vince Calio | USA Today | May 10, 2014

Switzerland's residents are the most satisfied with their lives for the second consecutive year, according to the Better Life Index released last week. The study, published annually by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), reported that United States failed to crack the top 10 for the fourth consecutive year, while neighbors Mexico and Canada did...

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