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Agency App Development Could Be 'a Little Bit Painful,' Says Baker

Molly Bernhart Walker | FierceGovernmentIT | June 6, 2012

As agencies begin to roll out more internal and citizen-facing mobile applications, there will be "a ton of lessons learned," said Roger Baker, chief information officer of the Veterans Affairs Department. "It's going to be a little bit painful occasionally," Baker added June 4 at the Management of Change conference. Read More »

Close the Gaps on VA Healthcare Services

Bernie Monegain | Healthcare IT News | August 3, 2012

The number of veterans returning home from the two wars wounded and maimed  -  broken  -  is staggering. Here's an area where health IT has proven to be a force for good, yet not forceful enough. The childhood sing-song rhyme that ends, "All the kings horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again" may not be quite on point, but it keeps playing in the background, a reminder that we humans are fragile.

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Health IT Helps Fight the War at Home

Staff Writer | Healthcare IT News | August 3, 2012

Taken together, all these IT initiatives – whether undertaken by VA or vendors or veterans themselves – point to big shift in ways care is delivered for wounded service members. With so many coming home, with so many different injuries, there's never been a better time for it to happen... Read More »

Powerful New VA Scanner Targets Brain Research, Veterans' Health

Victoria Colliver | Las Cruces Sun-News | August 3, 2012

The San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center is adding a new, $8 million magnetic resonance imaging machine, which will join an arsenal of some of the most powerful research scanners in the world. Read More »

Redding Veteran Continues Health Care Fight; Guarantees Sought for Private Care for PTSD Teatment

Jim Schultz | Redding | April 5, 2012

A north state veterans advocate is trying to enlist the help of the chairwoman of the U.S. Senate's veterans affairs committee to permanently block any future effort that would change the way hundreds of area veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are treated at the Redding VA outpatient clinic. Read More »

SF VA Brain Research Technology Advances

Victoria Colliver | SFGate | August 1, 2012

A room in the basement of the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center is undergoing renovations for a new, $8 million magnetic resonance imaging machine, which will join an arsenal of some of the most powerful research scanners in the world. Read More »

Stone Phillips Reports on Mental Health Program Helping Underserved Veterans

Press Release | Stone Phillips | May 2, 2012

A little-known government program providing expert mental health care to underserved veterans is the subject of a new report by Stone Phillips.  Screen Time:  How Telemental Health is Helping Underserved Veterans...reveals how high level mental health services are being delivered to veterans in even the most hard-to-reach places through videoconferencing, which connects clinicians in VA hospitals with veterans in local outpatient clinics.  Read More »

Too Many Wars, Too Few U.S. Soldiers

Robert H. Scales | Washington Post | March 13, 2012

I guess I knew it would eventually come down to this: Blame the Army’s institutions in some way for the horrific and senseless slaughter of 16 innocent Afghan civilians in Kandahar, allegedly by a U.S. infantry non-commissioned officer (NCO)... Read More »

Troops Stressed to Breaking Point

Rowan Scarborough | Washington Times | March 20, 2012

A recent Army health report draws an alarming profile of a fighting force more prone to inexcusable violence amid an “epidemic” of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the mental breakdown attracting speculation as a factor in a massacre of Afghan civilians this month. Read More »

VA Health Care Quality: The Road to Recovery

David Glendinning | amednews | December 10, 2007

Despite the challenges of caring for the veterans of today's wars, the VA health system is getting high marks for quality. Read More »

Veterans Suicide Rate: The War at Home

J. Patrick Coolican | Las Vegas Sun | February 24, 2012

We know that suicide is a terrible problem in Nevada, with a rate 50 percent higher than the national average. Among military veterans and especially young veterans, however, it’s a crisis, according to new data from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. Read More »

What Happens to Healthcare When Troops Come Home?

Melissa Bynes Brooks | Politic365 | April 5, 2012

In the debate over “Obamacare” and the drain of healthcare on the economy, there has not been a lot of discussion about how the system is going to handle troops coming back from combat over the next few years. Read More »