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Biotech Democratized: Open Medical Record System

Irsyad Ramthan | Biotechin.Asia | July 22, 2016

Proper management of medical records represents not only a significant technical challenge, but it is also a vital public health tool to ensure proper management of epidemics as well as quality of patient care among other things. In countries with more abundant resources such as the United States, proprietary solutions for managing medical records are the norm, which is perfectly reasonable given that the providers of these solutions are accountable for the security and integrity of the data...

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The Case for Developing and Deploying and Open Source Electronic Logistics Management Information System

Staff | The Rockefeller Foundation | February 9, 2012

Over the past three decades, PATH has honed an effective approach to catalyzing innovation of health technologies based on user-driven design and public-private partnerships. Read More »