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Feds Asked Aaron Swartz's Friends About His 'Guerilla Open Access Manifesto,' A Call For Liberating Data From Private Hands

Jim Edwards | Business Insider | August 13, 2013

The U.S. Secret Service released the first 104 pages of the federal government's 14,500-page file on Aaron Swartz, the internet activist and MIT fellow who committed suicide after being charged in both federal and state court with hacking and fraud. Read More »

Judge Orders U.S. To Release Aaron Swartz’s Secret Service File

Kevin Poulsen | Wired | July 8, 2013

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. on Friday ordered the government to promptly start releasing thousands of pages of Secret Service documents about the late activist and coder Aaron Swartz, following months of roadblocks and delays. Read More »

MIT Delays The Release Of Aaron Swartz's Secret Service File

Abby Ohlheiser | The Atlantic Wire | July 18, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, it looked like the federal government would (finally) start releasing what amounts to thousands of pages of documents pertaining to the Secret Service's investigation into Aaron Swartz. [...] Read More »

MIT Moves To Intervene In Release Of Aaron Swartz’s Secret Service File

Kevin Poulson | Wired | July 18, 2013

Lawyers representing MIT are filing a motion to intervene in my FOIA lawsuit over thousands of pages of Secret Service documents about the late activist and coder Aaron Swartz. Read More »

Secret Service Explores A Unified System To Manage Smartphones, Tablets

Katherine McIntire Peters | Nextgov | May 30, 2013

The Secret Service is considering adopting a mobile device management system and apps store to better handle employee smartphones and tablets running a variety of operating systems, including BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows 8, according to a request for information agency officials posted Thursday. Read More »

Secret Service Interviewed Aaron Swartz's Friends About Guerilla Open Access Manifesto

Mike Masnick | Techdirt | August 13, 2013

For a while it has been stated, without direct evidence, that part of the reason why the feds were so focused on Aaron Swartz was because of the now infamous Guerilla Open Access Manifesto, which Aaron Swartz had posted online years ago [...]. Read More »