Bennett Lauber

Bennett Lauber is a cognitive ergonomist and an executive User Experience (UX) and U​sability team leader with experience managing cross-functional teams responsible for designing, developing and testing healthcare, consumer, and enterprise-class data management systems for desktop, mobile and tablet devices.  He is currently working as the Chief Experience officer for The Usability People, LLC and an active member of the ONC Health IT Policy Committee’s Implementation, Usability, and Safety Workgroup.

Bennett’s work as a user experience professional with over 25 years of experience has helped teams of all sorts of shapes and sizes understand the value of usability and user-centered design.  No one ever says, "Wow, that was a great interface specification document!" He has experience leading and promoting User-Centered Design (UCD) across the entire software development life-cycle, including working with marketing teams on product strategy and definition, leading UX teams on designing simple solutions to complex problems, working with development teams on implementation, as well as working with training, support, testing and other organizations.

He began his career as a Human Factors Scientist at the IBM Santa Teresa Lab where his work on database applications that ran on 3270 terminal screens seems light-years away from the interfaces of today.  Luckily, the human mind and the mental models that it can create have not changed much over the years; so applying his knowledge of the theories of cognitive psychology to the challenges of today’s interfaces seems only natural to him.

Bennett’s overall UX knowledge, expertise in user interface design and testing, plus his ability to provide strategic input have been invaluable in leading UX initiatives for “mom-and-pop” shops and internet start-ups, healthcare software (EHR) vendors, enterprise organizations, universities and government agencies.

Lauber is an author of an upcoming book entitled, “Low Hanging Fruit” and a featured speaker at local and international user experience events, including OSEHRA, WEDI, UXPA-DC ,UX Base-camps and various meet-ups.

While not working on improving the user experience of Healthcare IT, websites and web-based applications, he is searching for someone from the Wrigley Corporation so that his twin daughters could become the next Doublemint girls.