Douglas Goldstein

Douglas Goldstein is a thought leader, subject matter expert, and reporter delivering insights through his reporting on the application of emerging technology in healthcare and life sciences.  He delivers insights on positive health transformation through innovation, collaboration, open solutions and leadership. Doug serves as a reporter for Open Health News applying his subject matter expertise in healthcare and life sciences organizational development, emerging technologies and innovation acceleration to deliver valuable knowledge, synthesis and insights to his readers and viewers.
Doug specializes in how Artificial Intelligence – Big Data – Digital are being applied to healthcare and life sciences. The applications include data transparency, digital health therapeutics (DTx) and lowering health care costs.

As motivational speaker Doug energizes audiences as he delivers strategies how human ingenuity powered by big data analytics, digital and artificial intelligence can improve health and accelerate sustainable profitable growth. As speaker his popular keynotes & workshops are: “Innovate Now, Smarter, and “A.I. – Big Data – Digital: Improving Health through Human Ingenuity”

Doug is an executive leader and thought leader in applying technology intelligently in health care and life sciences.  He is the author of 10 books and hundreds of articles on the subject.  Our upcoming book is “A.I. – Big Data – Digital – Revolutionizing Health” is an interactive book on how Digital – Big Data – A.I. are the next revolution that is transforming our organizations, our daily lives and our health.

Twitter: @eFuturist