John H. Jones

John H. Jones, is the CEO and founder of both LabLynx, Inc. (Founded in 2000) and the Laboratory Informatics Institute (Founded in 2006).

His professional experience and background is in the area of process automation. Process automation areas include industrial systems, laboratory systems and business systems. His education in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry and professional work experience in these areas along with strong self developed skills in software development and design came together in the early 1990's with the creation of a software consulting firm to help automate business operations in laboratories, engineering firms, general business and industrial, chemical plants.

In 2000 Jones' the focus shifted entirely to Laboratory Informatics with the formation of LabLynx, Inc. LabLynx' our mission is to provide a suite of integrated, cloud based applications to serve laboratories, scientific and healthcare organizations. These applications are provided both in the cloud as well as within the client organization's data center or within the cloud of their choosing. The focus is entirely client centric and the apps are provided to support the mission of the client.

The focus of Jones' professional community building efforts at the Laboratory Informatics Institute, Inc. is to provide unbiased, non-commercial, open access publications and educational materials for the laboratory, scientific and healthcare industry. Since the creation of the Institute in 2006 we have built up over 500,000 members. The purpose of the Institute is to provide industry leadership through free and open information that helps all stakeholders in the laboratory industry to be successful in the application of Laboratory Informatics for all types of laboratory operations.

Jones can be reached via email