Nutrition & Diet: Free Open Source and/or Low Cost Solutions

Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a healthy diet and good nutrition. For help, consider using some of the growing number of high quality, free open source and/or low cost  Diet & Nutrition software products now readily available to you.

They include software applications that run on your personal computer (PC), laptop, or smartphone.  Check them out.

Diet & Nutrition Software for PCs & Laptops

Here are several low cost or free open source Nutrition software products you can download for use on your PC or laptop:

For vendors or users of the open source VistA electronic health record (EHR) system, check out the Nutrition & Food Service module.  See VistA Clinical Software Library .

Diet & Nutrition Smartphone Apps

Check out this selection of popular free or low cost Diet & Nutrition mobile apps for smartphones:

You might also want to go directly to Android Market, Blackberry App World,  Verizon Media Store, and Apple iTunes to view other free or low cost Health & Wellness apps for your smartphone.

Diet & Nutrition Web Sites

Finally, here are several free, online web sites focused on providing Nutrition & Diet information and tools worth browsing.

Remember, a poor diet can have an injurious impact on your health. Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a healthy diet.

Have you run across a good free open source Nutrition software product you would like to share with us? Tell us about it.


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The websites listed here are good to know the indepth information. Thanks for sharing. I request you to add website too in this list.

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Good sources of Information. Thanks

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Smartphone apps for diet are very helpful since a lot of dieters use smartphones to track their progress on their diet. It is best when these trackers come in handy and smartphones are the answer for that. And thanks for the list of apps not only helpful, they're also free.

Great resource of health info

We are living in the technology based world. It's really tough to think about a single issue beyond of tech or internet. Before reading your article, I had zero knowledge about the diet & nutrition software for PCs & laptops. I actually amazed by hearing these software names. Thinking how the world is running after tech. However, I am familiar with some apps for Smartphone you mentioned. These apps are top class apps for health and nutrition. However, I usually read a health blog regularly and now your list will help me to broaden my knowledge about various health and fitness issue too.