Students & Professors developing Health Apps at universities across the country

Here at Open Health News, we are receiving more and more recommendations of free or low cost health apps being developed by students or professors at universities across the country – and the pace is picking up.

For example, A.P. Shepherd, Ph.D., a retired professor of Physiology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas, has developed an iPad app for teaching the factors that affect the composition of "Alveolar Gas".  In addition to students studying respiratory physiology, health professionals who have found this app to be useful include residents in anesthesiology and pulmonary medicine, respiratory therapists, and nurse anesthetists. See Alveolar Gas.

Other examples of popular health apps include, Airway 911, Cardiograph, WebMD for Android, Critical Care Emergencies, iTriage Health, Pregnancy Tracker, and many more.  Also, take a look at:

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For more information on health apps for consumers and healthcare providers, see this previous blog on Open Health News. Also, visit the COSI 'Open' Health web site.

Keep sending us suggested health apps you want us to share with our readers.



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