Observation on the 'Open Health Movement' from Hawaii

I've been sitting on the beach in Hawaii for the past several weeks, enjoying life and my moment in paradise. There's nothing like the North Shore of Oahu, watching some of the world's best surfers effortlessly riding 10-20 foot waves every day. It's amazing. A great break from my normal role as a senior editor and writer at Open Health News slogging away at trying to share information about the 'Open Health Movement'. But the break from work lets you sit back, take stock, and see the immense progress that has been made to date.

There are now literally tens of millions of people around the world actively involved in the 'Open Health Movement'. The movement now encompasses active support and advocacy of open source software, open source hardware, open access publications, open data, open standards, open communities and much more. The movement has slowly grown in scope and strength over the past few decades and is now a major force at play reshaping the world we live in, the way we do business, and improving the health and care being provided to hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

Kudos to the millions of people that make up the 'Open Health Movement'. You are all making a difference  -  a huge difference!