HealtheGames - 2013 Update

Here's a quick 2013 update on the topic of computer games in healthcare - HealtheGames.

The worldwide video gaming industry continues to be a thriving business – with hardware and software sales well over $60 billion this year.

The healthcare industry was one of the first to recognize the ‘game-changing’ potential of using eGames to provide services and meet the needs of their customers.

Many leading public and private sector organizations in the health care sector have embraced the use of eGames as an integral part of the digitally enabled health culture of the future.

Today, there are many hundreds of consumer focused Health eGames offering an active, multimedia video experience across multiple platforms.  Many of them are free and 'open source' games. Check some of them out at -

If you want to learn more about HealtheGames, you might want to keep an eye on Google News on HealtheGames.  You might also want to attend the annual Games For Health conference and associated webinars.

If you know of other great HealtheGame web sites, share them with us.