OSEHRA Posts Video of Scheduling System Industry Day

Roger A. MaduroI heard today from Kris Prendergast, OSEHRA's open source community organizer. She gave me a heads up that OSEHRA has posted the full recording "Industry Day" that the US Deaprtment of Veterans Affairs (VA) conducted on June 18. As detailed in this press release, several of the key technical groups in the VA joined forces to host this day-long event.

The event provided an intense and productive discussion of the VA's new scheduling application called Medical Appointment Scheduling System, or MASS for short (gosh, can't the folks at the VA come up with good names!).

Well, bad name or not, the event was informative according to Kris and OSEHRA has posted the recording of the entire day's sessions. The video is now available at  http://www.osehra.org/MASS-IDV. This should provide a good presentation to the VistA community members and the public at large of where the VA is going with their VistA scheduling project.

The day included multiple presentations regarding requirements, program planning, and architecture of the future VA scheduling platform.

It is good to see the extent of the efforts of the VA staff and OSEHRA to provide the community with as much information and background as possible. Next major event for the VistA community will be the upcoming OSEHRA Open Source Summit 2014 on September 3-5 in Bethesda, MD. This will be the third annual OSEHRA conference. It it's anything like the first two, this is certainly a must attend meeting. This press release from OSEHRA has an update on the conference speakers.