ADVA Optical Networking, Ciena, Guavus And Versa Networks Join The OpenDaylight Project

Press Release | OpenDaylight Project | June 25, 2013

Increasing Participation Among Community and 27 OpenDaylight Members Is Fueling Rapid innovation for Software-Defined Networking

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2013) - The OpenDaylight Project, a collaborative open source project to advance Software-Defined Networking (SDN), today announced that ADVA Optical Networking, Ciena, Guavus and Versa Networks are joining the project to accelerate development and adoption of open source SDN, for a total of 27 members.

The goal of OpenDaylight is to facilitate the creation of an industry-supported, open source framework for building a common SDN platform. By using a community-led collaborative development process, OpenDaylight has been able to make the base controller architecture available within 60 days of the project's launch and is now actively building the merged controller, as well as a Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) application. OpenDaylight's newest members are committed to the same goal of developing a common and open SDN platform for developers to utilize, contribute to and build commercial products and technologies upon.

More information about the newest OpenDaylight Project members:

ADVA Optical Networking transports data, storage, voice and video signals at native speeds and lowest latency. Whether connecting data centers or exchanges, cities or countries, its products enable the transport of increasing amounts of data across the globe today, while serving as the building blocks of tomorrow's dynamic networks. From the access to the metro core to the long haul, the company creates intelligent, software-automated solutions over both legacy and new fiber that will scale to meet ever-increasing bandwidth demands of future generations.

"We firmly believe that an open development model is the best path forward as it accelerates innovation by allowing all of the brightest minds to collaborate on SDN. Using this approach, the OpenDaylight Project is already demonstrating value," said James Buchanan, senior vice president of product management, ADVA Optical Networking. "Creating an open source framework for SDN will advance the creation of dynamic network infrastructures and benefit the industry as a whole."

Ciena has been improving the economics of large-scale networks since its founding in 1992. By leveraging SDN as a key component of its OPn network architecture -- offering programmability, open interfaces, network-level applications, and supporting network-IT unification -- Ciena is helping network operators to realize the next wave of gains in network economics and network-driven revenue capture.

"SDN gives operators increased control of their network. OpenDaylight will accelerate the availability of the open SDN control architectures that are key to such software-based value creation," said Chris Janz, vice president of market development, Ciena. "By joining the OpenDaylight Project, we are able to more closely contribute to building that future for everyone."

Guavus unlocks the value of operational, sensor and network-generated big data to reduce the economic and technology risk associated with deploying a traditional business intelligence solution. Guavus's big data analytics solutions contain contextually aware insights that trigger business processes at the exact moment of need. Guavus customers include two of the top three mobile operators and backbone carriers in the United States, two of the top three mobile carriers in Canada and seven of the top 10 cable operators in the United States.

"SDN is transforming how network services are delivered and improving performance and management, lowering costs and increasing efficiencies," said Roy Singh, chief technology officer, Guavus. "The open and transparent development model of OpenDaylight is expediting SDN innovation for the entire industry and we are excited to be a part of this initiative."

Versa Networks is a stealth mode startup whose aim is to transform the multi-billion dollar network infrastructure market. The company is defining architecture for Application Delivery Networks (ADN) for the virtualized data centers. By virtualizing the L4-L7 network functions and seamlessly integrating with existing cloud orchestration/management systems, its architecture enables ADNs that are agile, elastic and programmable.

"Industry collaboration on the development of a common SDN platform will benefit us all and we're pleased to be working alongside OpenDaylight members and the developer community to ensure its success," said Kumar Mehta, founder and chief executive officer, Versa Networks. "We share the project's vision of making an open SDN platform available through an open development process."

"Every day the community and members of OpenDaylight are working on delivering an open SDN platform and ecosystem for network programmability and control," said Inder Gopal, board chair for the OpenDaylight Project. "Open collaboration has accelerated the project's progress, and our growing developer community and new member participation and contributions will ensure that we can continue this trend."

About the OpenDaylight Project
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