Clinovo Launches Educational On Demand Webinars

Press Release | Clinovo | July 24, 2012

Clinovo announces the launch of on demand webinars for clinical trial professionals looking to build their skillset. Clinovo's experts share their experience and knowledge in Open Source Technologies, Electronic Data Capture, Clinical Data Management, SAS programming and CDISC Conversion. These instructive on demand webinars are available for free on accessible 24/7.

Ale Gicqueau, President and CEO at Clinovo, says that “on demand format, available 24/7, is an innovative mean to increase knowledge and know-how”. “The recordings are divided by chapters to make the access to information more convenient”, explains Ale Gicqueau. “You can start, pause, and come back anytime. It enables clinical trial professionals to learn new skills on their own schedule and pace, and have access to valuable information that truly benefits their company and personal needs”.

Clinovo’s on demand webinars address current trends, go over the latest eClinical technologies and explain how to streamline clinical trials. On demand webinars are an innovative way to share knowledge in the fields of Clinical Data Management (CDM), SAS programming, CDISC mapping and Electronic Data Capture (EDC). It gives an opportunity to attendees to improve their knowledge and expertise on all aspects of the clinical trial process.

Open Source Technologies to Run Efficient Clinical Trials by Marc Desgrousilliers, Chief Technology Officer at Clinovo, demonstrates how open source technology represents a reliable, cost-effective alternative to proprietary systems, to address the current challenging climate in the healthcare industry. This webinar is well suited for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) specialists and includes a demo of ClinCapture, Clinovo's open source clinical trial system for Electronic Data Capture (EDC).

Ale Gicqueau and Rick Morrison, Founder and CEO of Comprehend Systems, co-presented Streamlined CDISC® Conversion and Reporting. This webinar explains how to use CDISC standards to improve clinical trial efficiency and accelerate FDA submission. It includes a demonstration of CDISC Express, Clinovo's internal SAS®-based application that automatically converts clinical data to CDISC SDTM. This webinar also introduces Comprehend Clinical™, the next-generation clinical data CDISC-friendly reporting tool.

Jian Dai, Manager of SAS® programming at Clinovo, led the third on demand webinar targeted to advanced SAS programmers: An IOM application to easily produce sophisticated tables. Jian developed an IOM (Integrated Object Model) application package capable of generating production tables in any table format. This technical presentation teaches SAS programmers how to optimize their skills to build innovative tools that enhance a company’s productivity.

Clinovo will continue to broadcast live webinars to give clinical trial professionals the opportunity to interact and ask questions to Clinovo’s experienced staff members. Those live webinars will be converted into on demand webinars after the broadcast.

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