DreamFactory Hits 10,000 Downloads, Showcases Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility Platform At DevCon5, Los Angeles, December 10-11

Press Release | Dreamfactory Software | December 5, 2013

DreamFactory's Bill Appleton to preview the latest update to the cloud-based, open-source DreamFactory Services Platform for mobile app development. Attendees will learn how to securely and efficiently connect a mobile app (HTML5 or native) with cloud-based enterprise services, including DynamoDB, MongoDB, S3, and Salesforce.

CAMPBELL, Calif., Dec. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- As a Platinum Sponsor of the DevCon5 developer conference in Los Angeles next week, DreamFactory Software will introduce mobile application developers to the latest REST APIs that reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy mobile applications for the enterprise. The Silicon Valley-based company developed the DreamFactory Services Platform to accelerate the time to market for developers (in-house and agency) who build mobile apps for enterprise use.

The DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) provides a standards-based REST interface that supports both JSON and XML documents. It enables developers to connect HTML5 and native applications to a wide array of web services including SQL Data, BLOB Storage, User Management, App Hosting, and External Integration.

Since its launch as an open-source distribution earlier this year, the DreamFactory Services Platform has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. Developers—especially those who specialize in front-end development—say the DSP lets them focus their efforts on design and user experience, and spend much less time on tedious back-end integration work. At DevCon5, HTML5 developers who use popular JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, jQuery and Sencha Touch can learn first-hand how the DSP can boost their productivity and streamline the development of highly functional mobile apps for enterprise use.

"Thousands of front-end developers have downloaded the DreamFactory Services Platform because it enables a single engineer to build a mobile enterprise application without any server-side software development," said Bill Appleton, co-founder and CEO of DreamFactory. "We include Framework Wizards designed specifically for developers who use AngularJS, jQuery and Sencha Touch, so they can quickly get productive with the DreamFactory Services Platform and take advantage of this efficient and modern development architecture."

DreamFactory has recently widened the appeal of the DSP by adding MongoDB and Salesforce to the range of services supported. Deployment had also been simplified with the addition of Amazon Web Services (to complement the Microsoft Azure, VMware and Rackspace cloud computers already offered).

"DreamFactory is an innovator in technological development and deployment of modern mobile apps to the cloud," said Carl Ford, CEO, Crossfire Media and executive director of content and community. "We are excited to have such a pioneering company that has such influence on the shaping of the HTML5 industry participate in DevCon5."

At DevCon5, Bill Appleton will discuss the architectural advantages of cloud service platforms for mobile application development in the enterprise. He will demonstrate how to install the open source DreamFactory Services Platform on popular cloud computers from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace, and show how REST APIs can be used to access powerful external services such as S3, Salesforce, DynamoDB, and MongoDB — quickly and securely. Integration with popular client frameworks such as Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, and AngularJS will also be highlighted.

DreamFactory enables enterprise mobility using agile development techniques
The DreamFactory Services Platform provides access to a rich set of back-end resources through a REST interface that supports both JSON and XML documents. This standards-based, open-source mobile architecture enables developers to connect HTML5 and native applications to a wide array of web services including SQL Data, BLOB Storage, User Management, App Hosting, and External Integration.

The key features of the DreamFactory Services Platform include:

  • Designed for enterprise security. DreamFactory can be installed on-premises or in the cloud, so enterprise users can deploy, manage, and monitor their own applications. All of the source code is available under the open source Apache License. We provide a software package available for download and installation from GitHub, and also BitNami packages for the AWS, Azure, and VMware marketplaces. Use familiar tools and best practices to develop, test, and deploy applications on your own infrastructure.
  • Admin console. Every new DSP comes with a built-in Admin Console, written in HTML5, that helps system administrators build applications for end users, manage users and roles, create SQL schema, and provision external services.
  • App Hosting. A DSP can host any number of applications that share access to the service architecture and various data objects. Each application is a mini website from which developers can quickly upload and manage various files and folders.
  • User Management. The DSP takes care of user management, single sign-on, password hashing, and user roles. Developers can control which users get which applications, and which applications have access to various data objects and services.
  • NoSQL Data. DreamFactory provides wide support for popular NoSQL databases including MongoDB, MongoHQ, DynamoDB, SimpleDB, Azure Tables, and Salesforce.
  • BLOB Storage. The DSP provides interfaces to all of the major BLOB storage systems including Amazon S3, Azure BLOB, Rackspace CloudFiles, and OpenStack. The master credentials to each service are hidden by the platform and users are granted access through single sign-on.
  • External Integration. The DSP can provision any number of integration points for external services such as email, NoSQL data, and BLOB storage. These services hide master credentials on the platform and can be administered by user role.

The DreamFactory Services Platform is available now as an open-source license from www.dreamfactory.com.

To learn more about DreamFactory's new mobile development architecture, download the eBook, and visit the DreamFactory blog for the latest techniques for mobile app development.

DreamFactory Software Inc. develops and markets technology that enables developers to connect modern mobile apps to enterprise back-end infrastructure in the cloud. Enterprises, web development agencies, and independent developers use DreamFactory to build secure, modern mobile apps and deploy them on any cloud or datacenter. The company is based in Campbell, California and has a development center in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit www.dreamfactory.com, or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @dfsoftwareinc.

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