MS HealthVault

MS HealthVault is a free, online personal health record (PHR) system offered by Microsoft for your use that also connects with a wealth of online health information and tools to help you manage your family's health.

HealthVault can help you keep track of your prescriptions. You can use the information to check for possible interactions or cumulative side effects that could affect your health. If you work with a HealthVault-connected pharmacy—like CVS Caremark or Walgreens—it's quick and easy to import your prescription history. You can also enter your medications by hand, including any over-the-counter products that you'd like to include.

A growing number of health and fitness devices also connect with HealthVault and can automatically upload your device readings to your personal health record (PHR). Some devices use free HealthVault Connection Center software; others use cellular, Bluetooth, or WiFi technology.

Finally, on MS HealthVault you'll find health apps that offer guidance and instruction specific to your specific health condition. The system will help you to be in a position to better control your health.