Open Source Electronic Patient Record Software Released to NHS

Press Release | IMS MAXIMS | June 11, 2014

openMAXIMS will enable NHS trusts to develop and tailor clinical systems to their individual needs

London – June 11th 2014 – IMS MAXIMS has released the open source code for its full MAXIMS suite including its electronic patient record (EPR) and patient administration system (PAS) free of charge to the NHS. The release of the openMAXIMS code, which can now be downloaded from the IMS MAXIMS website and shortly via GitHub, marks a substantial step in providing NHS organisations with the opportunity to access software and tailor it to the needs of clinicians and other healthcare professionals.

The launch comes at a time when NHS England is advising trusts looking for an EPR to evaluate an open source option, which is considered to be flexible, potentially less costly and minimise supplier lock-in, providing more freedom to trusts that may want to use alternative providers in the long term. One of the major benefits of openMAXIMS is that every NHS trust will be able to modify it to meet their needs and make it their own, which is likely to result in improved acceptance and usability by staff, in turn freeing up more time to care for patients and improve patient outcomes.

In addition, it provides the same rich functionality as the company’s existing MAXIMS product suite, which has been built in collaboration with NHS trusts across the UK over the past three decades. The code includes important functionality such as order communications and results reporting, integrated care pathways, assessments, clinical noting and documentation as well as specialist functionality supporting areas such as spinal cord injuries, oncology and therapies. It can be fully integrated with other clinical and administrative systems and can be customised faster at a local level, but also with support of the developers at IMS MAXIMS.

The open source code has been launched at the Health Insights Spring Series sponsored by IMS MAXIMS and delivered in association with NHS England. The event is aimed at evaluating investments made under Tech Fund One and look at new innovations connected to the Integrated Digital Care Record fund.

“The release of openMAXIMS is a significant step in the open source journey. IMS MAXIMS is known for its collaborative and innovative approach in improving patient care and reducing clinical errors. Making the code to our flagship product open source is a significant next step for us in achieving our ambition to provide world class software, offering solutions for the safest integrated care for clinicians and our patients,” said Shane Tickell, CEO of IMS MAXIMS.

“Releasing the code online means that more healthcare providers now have easier access to the software leading them to better patient outcomes. Furthermore, IMS MAXIMS is providing assistance with Integrated Digital Care Record business cases and bid applications, the interested parties just need to contact us for further support,” Tickell added.

The software is free and the licence allows the client to use and distribute their modified copies of openMAXIMS, as long as they make their modified code available to other users. It becomes the property of the trust to use and alter, however it is recommended that the users subscribe to a support contract and SLA for highest levels of service, support and protection.

IMS MAXIMS strategic intent is to maintain a core code stream, initially for English NHS trusts but potentially to extend this to other countries as they become interested.

Tickell added: “The MAXIMS EPR can already deliver enormous safety and efficiency gains and is already up there with some of the world’s most renowned EPR solutions. Our current roadmap looks out to the end of this decade to make it world beating, by opening up input to far more clinicians, my belief is that we can do this faster and better, if we all work together.”

The openMAXIMS software is now downloadable from the IMS homepage and will shortly be made available on GitHub. For support on the IDCR fund bids call Leesa Ewing at +44 203 66 86 999 or email [email protected].



IMS MAXIMS is an electronic patient record provider working towards better, safer patient care. Specialists in developing clinical and administrative software solutions for healthcare providers, IMS MAXIMS currently supports more than 150 organisations, 11 million patient records in the UK, and 1.9 million patient records in Ireland, approx. 50% of the population, as well as 20,000 users of IMS MAXIMS products.

MAXIMS is at the heart of the clinical and administrative life of everything from large UK and Irish hospitals, to small specialist independent clinics. It gives patient data to clinicians in the exact format they need and allows it to be shared with colleagues and updated in real-time. MAXIMS suits any clinical specialist and is excellent for order communications and reporting. Medical and administrative records can be kept fully up to date, with the minimum of effort. MAXIMS is web-based so there is no need to install software on computers or invest in expensive extra hardware. For more information visit and for updates follow IMS MAXIMS on Twitter @IMSMAXIMS.

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