Open Source Health Advances Precision Healthcare for Women

Press Release | Open Source Health Inc. | August 1, 2017

Toronto, Ontario, Canada / TheNewswire / August 1, 2017: Open Source Health Inc. (CSE:OSH), (Frankfurt:0OS) , a cloud based precision healthcare platform for women called myAva that puts control into the hands of women to educate, advocate and collaborate on their own healthcare is pleased to provide an update on the advancements OSH has accomplished over the last 12 months.

 “Our trailblazing women in Atlanta that contributed their molecular data to the myAva project have experienced life changing information and care around managing their PCOS,” states Sonya Satveit, CEO of Open Source Health Inc., “With the focus on precision health we have identified multiple emerging diseases and conditions and our partner clinic has administered precision care to establish a trend toward optimal health.”

myAva integrates a full omic model using the full exome sequencing (DNA), the blood RNA, over 200 proteins, over 200 metabolites as well as gut and vaginal microbiome. Several laboratories across North America participated in the measurement and analysis. Every omic measure was compared to the acceptable ranges detailed in global peered reviewed published research and each measure was associated with diseases and health conditions.  From this analysis myAva was able to rank the risks for over 600 diseases and conditions and 20 health systems within the body, allowing the clinicians to focus on the high risk factors to administer care.

Based on the current cohort of Women, PCOS ranked in the top 5 risks for every woman, along with high risk for diabetes and heart disease.  No one woman has the same top 10 heath risks and everyone ranked with a different risk score per condition reinforcing the need for precision and individualized care.

Integrating the omic data created the potential to compute anomalies with a grouping of biomarkers that would represent a comprehensive diagnostic panel for PCOS.  By expanding to a larger cohort of women in the future, the possibility to develop diagnostic panels for hundreds of health conditions that typically go undiagnosed will change the course of women’s health.  Further research as the patient group grows will provide the evidence required to commercialize such diagnostic panels.

The next step for the deployment of the myAva platform is to perform another specimen collection with the patient group and map the previous treatments to the current outcomes. Determine the associations between treatment, biometric data, patient reported data and the omic molecular data will   verify optimal treatment protocols for diseases and conditions that today are often untreated, undertreated or misdiagnosed.

The Company further reports the resignation of Mr. James Fairbairn from the Board of Directors.  Mr. Fairbairn’s expertise was greatly appreciated as he assisted in guiding the company through regulatory and financial reporting.

About Open Source Health Inc.:

OSH has developed a cloud-based precision healthcare platform called myAva, which is offered on a monthly subscription basis to clinics and providers to enable the delivery of precision healthcare, specifically for women’s health.  By collecting and analyzing molecular-level data we will create a digital version of each patient, uncovering disease markers at an early stage allowing women and their providers to take a proactive approach to achieve optimal health. myAva sets a new standard of care for women's health.  The initial launch of myAva is focused on PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which affects 7 million women in the United States and 116 million women worldwide.

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