Call for Participation: 2011 SPIE Medical Imaging – CAD Demonstration Workshop

Stephen Aylward | Kitware Blog | January 4, 2011

The SPIE Medical Imaging Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Workshop will be held on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, from 17.45 - 19.45 as part of the SPIE Medical Imaging conference in Orlando, Florida, USA.

This year's CAD workshop will continue the series of successful workshops at previous SPIE MI CAD conferences. The main part of the workshop will once again be live demonstrations by teams of CAD developers from mammography, lung CT, colon CT, and others.  Commercial, proprietary, open-source, and work-in-progress systems are welcome. Demonstrations may feature CAD, segmentation, registration, visualization, data mining, bioinformatics, and related algorithms and applications.

The workshop will start with a short overview of the participating teams and systems. Next, the audience can interact with the teams during live demonstrations of the systems...