Key Lesson from the NPfIT

Tony Collins | Computerworld | May 20, 2011

A US doctor Scot Silverstein, who has an expertise in clinical IT design, says of the NAO report on the NPfIT that the initials should stand for: "National Programme of Failed IT”

He says on the blog Health Care Renewal:

"Perhaps the NPfIT (National Programme for IT in the NHS) should be renamed the "National Programme of Failed IT in the NHS. No new acronym will be needed.

“For this pleasure, the UK has spent upwards of £13 billion. Of course, we as the progeny of the UK are going down the same path, surely soon to have a ‘National Program for Failed IT in the US.’ Ours will be a bit more expensive, unfortunately…"

"I think it fair to say the UK has been massively fleeced and abused by its suppliers, consultants and health IT pundits. The people of the UK have paid for this boondoggle. They should think of it as a form of taxation without representation, an abuse of their rights.”