OpenStack Developers Ditch 'Buggy' Microsoft Hyper-V Support

Eric Doyle | Tech Week Europe | February 2, 2012

The OpenStack open source cloud project will push Microsoft’s Hyper-V out of its infrastructure as a service (IaaS) framework, blaming poor support from Microsoft. OpenStackCloud-building software.

OpenStack, launched in 2010, aims to offer open surce cloud services. Its code review team decided to drop Hyper-V yesterday and a patch has already been developed and approved to remove existing code. Hyper-V can now only be available within OpenStack as a plug-in – if Microsoft chooses to commit resources to developing it.

The issue blew up last Friday in a forum comment by Thierry Carrez, an OpenStack release manager, who suggested that Hyper-V support code should be removed from the next release of the framework. On the OpenStack Launchpad developer forum , Carrez described the Hyper-V support as being “broken and unmaintained”...