Super-Communities Debuting for Open Source Vertical Supply Chains

Paula Rooney | ZDNet | February 7, 2012

Summary: The emergence of super-communities — such as Polarsys, OpenMama and Genivi — will continue to evolve in 2012. These vertically-oriented super-communities, the Olliance Group point out, serve the needs of all players in open source supply chains.

The emergence of super-communities — vertically-driven open source communities — is ongoing and will be a key trend in 2012, the Olliance Group contends.

In a recently published report outlining key trends and challenges for the open source community, Olliance’s Andrew Aitken notes that the emergence of vertically oriented super communities such as Polarsys, for the aerospace community, and financial-industry led OpenMama, are not only indicative of the maturing of the open source industry but the evolution of open source supply chains serving industries which share significant economies of scale, regulatory overhead, technological requirements and standards...