When Micro-transactions Facilitate Doctor and Patient Mobile Interactions

Ivory King | L'Atelier | July 4, 2012

Mobile app HealthTap connects users with a network of physicians who can answer questions and even chat with patients. Micro transactions let patients ask questions on the go. The amount of advice available to users of the Internet has no limit, and digital companies have even been profiting from limiting, curating or rating the sources of that advice, like Amazon and Yelp with their reviewers.

But getting quality information from specialists is even more valuable, especially on the go. So startups have been democratizing the way people have been able to access expert advice, and lets them ask via smartphone - Localmind offers location-based answers, while Advice for Life gives iOS users suggestions on relationships, parenting and more. This tool is now available for medical advice thanks to Palo Alto-based HealthTap, an iOS and Android app that connects users with physicians...